The Flashpaper: Theatre’s Thoughts on Right Now  

is accepting proposals for Issue 2!


If you are a US American theatre professional and would like to get paid for responding to urgent current events in a print publication, then we encourage you to submit an idea for Issue 2 of The Flashpaper: Theatre’s Thoughts on Right Now,


In Issue 2, we are asking theatre artists and/or theatre companies to respond to the prompt “When you imagine a moment of justice in this country’s future, what do you see?” 


This “moment of justice” can involve the theatre, but it doesn’t have to. (In fact, we’re hopeful that at least some of the contributions will imagine moments of justice that stretch beyond the theatre.)


We will eagerly accept ideas for any genre that can be printed in black-and-white: scripts, manifestos, comics, photo essays, scores, etc. Published contributions can be up to 4500 words (or 10 printed pages). 


We’re also seeking a variety of tones, points of view, and collaborative styles. Or to put it another way: We want The Flashpaper to reflect as many perspectives as possible about how the American theatre community is imagining the future of American justice.


Crucially, The Flashpaper is a print-only publication. While snippets might appear on the internet, the print copy is the only place to get the full experience. All the profits—yes, all of them—go to theatre artists. For every copy sold of Issue 2, $1 will go to each contributing entity (whether an individual artist or a group), $1 will go to both Flashpaper staffers, and $1.50 will be donated to the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. (The remaining money will cover production costs.) 


To submit an idea, email editor-in-chief Mark Blankenship at TheFlashpaperJournal (at) gmail (dot) com.  Include your name, location, and bio, along with a brief paragraph about what you'd contribute to this issue.


To be considered, you must email us no later than Wednesday, September 30. All commissioned contributors will be notified by Wednesday, October 7. Contributors must submit a draft for editing by Friday, October 30. The issue will be published on December 9.


We cannot wait to hear from you! 

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