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Raquel Almazan

Artistic Director, La Lucha Arts

Contributor, The Flashpaper, Issue 1


"It was an honor to have the opportunity to reflect on the historical problems of theatre making and to envision a new future for the American Theatre; as well as to be in the company of such stellar contemporaries"

Evan Cabnet

Artistic Director, LCT3

"In this moment of true chaos, thank god for The Flashpaper for providing a space for theatre artists to reflect and to share their hard-won insights, profound wisdom, and beautiful dreams of better times ahead. I’m so grateful for this oasis of serious thought and creative energy." 

Melissa Riker

Artistic Director/Choreographer

Kinesis Project Dance Theatre

Contributor, The Flashpaper, Issue 1

"As a dance company, being part of the first issue of the Flashpaper was an honor and a welcome moment of creativity. It was a true gift to invent beyond our scope, to  unite members of Kinesis Project while celebrating their individuality.  I am so grateful to The Flashpaper for seeing the value in image as story and for the wonderful job the team did to display our photo essays."

Lauren Gunderson 

America’s most produced living playwright 

"The Flashpaper is a gift for anyone who makes or cares about theatre. No. It’s a gift for everyone who cares. I’m so thrilled that this new publication exists that I’m actually mad with joy about it. It has everything I wanted (and didn’t know I wanted) to unpack and confront this present moment: a shocking play, a riveting graphic novel, an inspiring manifesto, and on and on. This publication gives and gives and gives. The generosity of its creativity is both like a balm and a delicious carbonated drink. I want more. I need more. I can’t wait to share this, and I can’t wait for what’s next."